• The article discusses the resilience of a Ukraine-based blockchain firm, Everstake, one year into a war with Russia.
• CEO Sergey Vasylchuk reports that the company has become “much stronger” despite difficult conditions, due in part to various donations and support from partners.
• Over 8,000 civilians have died since the conflict began in February 2022.

Russia Military Invasion in Ukraine

In February 2022, Russian military forces invaded many areas of Ukraine sparking one of the largest conflicts in modern Europe since World War II. Since then over 8,000 civilians have died and cities have been shelled.

Everstake’s Resilience

Ukraine-based blockchain firm Everstake has faced the constant threat of shelling but is still continuing to move forward despite the ongoing conflict. Prior to Feb. 24, 2022 CEO Sergey Vasylchuk had made preparations to mitigate the risk to Everstake and its employees but there were still months when many people based in Ukraine were not able to work for various reasons.

Crypto Donation Platform Aid for Ukraine

To help those affected by the conflict Everstake helped launch crypto donation platform Aid for Ukraine together with Ukrainian government officials Kuna and crypto exchange FTX which reported more than $60 million in crypto and fiat contributions going towards initiatives including military equipment, medical gear and humanitarian projects.

Employees Working From Emergency Shelters

Despite these difficulties many of Everstake’s employees have continued to work from emergency shelters facing noise from nearby explosions, loss of electrical power and adjusting to the new “normal”.

Overall Results

The overall result is that according to Vasylchuk Everstake has become much stronger as it continues to move forward despite difficult conditions due in part to various donations and support from partners.

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